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About Me

Hello! Welcome to Nutritiously GF.

I am passionate about all things to do with nutrition, especially healthy balanced diets and lifestyles, coeliac disease and the gluten free and lactose free diets.

After being diagnosed with Coeliac Disease in October 2008, I had no idea that a strict adherence to a gluten free diet would result in immediate and wonderful changes to my body and overall well-being.

Close scrutiny of my diet and lifestyle quickly became a way of life which vastly amplified my enthusiasm to study nutrition at University. This gave me the potential to understand, influence and improve the health of others who suffer from dietary difficulties and assist those who want to learn more about following and enjoying a healthy balanced diet.

After graduating with a BSc (Hons) Community Nutrition degree from Liverpool John Moores University, I am now a Registered Associate Nutritionist (ANutr).

I am dedicated to providing evidence-based nutritional advice and a variety of information surrounding coeliac disease, gluten free living, eating out, simple gluten & lactose free recipes, general nutrition and health & lifestyle.

Happy Reading x

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